WORLD GYM Special Edition UNISEX Pullover Hoodie

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The WORLD GYM x ALMAR™ Private Label Collection Custom PFD garment dyed UNISEX pullover hoodie combines a built-in, loose-fitting tubular cowl sewn into the neck that duels as a stylish protective face covering as needed. The soft jersey fabric can be pulled up from the neck of the hoodie to cover the nose and mouth, staying securely in place due to the polyester-cotton elastic sewn into the inside back of the ALMAR™ cowl.

**The patent pending ALMAR™ face coverings are not direct substitutes for N95, procedural or surgical masks or face coverings and are not FDA approved, however it is advised that wearing face coverings will be a contributor in containing viruses.

**This Face Covering is NOT a medical device. It is not intended to be personal protective equipment and should not be used by healthcare professionals or used in a healthcare/clinical environment or setting.

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